Job interviews can undoubtedly be nerve racking. Perfecting your resume, practicing interview questions, getting acquainted with the company can all pack on additional stress. On top of that, being the right fit for the part also means looking like it as well. Choosing what to wear for a job interview can be tedious and time consuming. Check out the tips below for guidance on how to choose the best outfit to land your ideal role.

What to Wear for a Job Interview

Check into Company Culture

First, it's important to know the company culture not only for the sake of the actual interview and familiarizing yourself with role, but also in order to determine how to dress for the interview. Does the company expect employees to wear jeans or suits on a daily basis? You don't want to show up to a corporate office building in jeans and a casual shirt, and vice versa. However, also remember, whatever the company culture may be, still dress to impress the day of the interview. Add a few additional touches to really own the part.

When asking yourself what to wear for a job interview, make sure your outfit is polished and comes together to help you stand out as the ideal candidate:

  • Take the time to make sure that your outfit is ironed and pressed so that there are no wrinkles.
  • Make sure that your outfit is either tailored or appropriately fits your body. If something is either too lose or too tight, you will most likely feel uncomfortable. Wearing clothing that is extra baggy may appear sloppy, and clothing that is too fitted may appear inappropriate.
  • Try to avoid loud, busy patterns that are distracting. For the interview, stick to solid colors or simpler designs.
  • When wearing a pantsuit, make sure you wear a belt that matches the same color of your shoes to tie the outfit together.
  • Also keep accessories in mind. Don't wear too many items or ones that are extremely flashy to the point where they take the attention away from what you are saying in the interview.
  • When it comes to ties and bow ties, choose something understated, yet elegant. Avoid wearing a floppy bow tie or loud patterns.

Determining what to wear for a job interview can be stressful, however selecting a great outfit can not only help you impress your interviewer, but also give you the confidence to shake off any pre-interview nerves. Looking the part is the first step in landing the ideal job for you. To make sure your wardrobe is interview ready, visit Tide Cleaners for Houston laundry services, same day dry cleaning Austin or our Austin locations as well.