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Austin & Houston Dry Cleaner Employment Opportunities

At Tide Cleaners, your leading Austin and Houston dry cleaner, we're always looking for enthusiastic new team members. Take a moment to tell us about yourself and send us your resume or job history.

Tide Cleaners Employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) - (56 hours per year for the first 10,400 hours worked, 104 hours for 10,401 hours to 20,800 hours worked, and 144 hours after 20,801 hours worked with the company). Maximum accrual is 80 hours for the first 10,400 hours worked, 120 hours up to 20,800 hours worked, and 160 hours for those employees with more than 20,801 hours.
  • 401K
  • 4 Paid Holidays and 1 Floating Holiday
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Recruitment Reward of $250 per referral
  • 50% off discount at Tide Dry Cleaners
Austin & Houston Dry Cleaner Employment Opportunities

Available Positions

  • Guest Service Representative (Houston)


    As a professional Guest Service Representative of Tide Cleaners you will be the face of our business as you interact and serve as the primary liaison with our guests.

    • Your overall role will be to provide an exceptional guest experience through a broad knowledge of fabrics and fashion, and by actively assisting guests with cleaning, stain and/or finishing needs and inquiries.
    • You will ideally possess an extremely outgoing, personable and friendly demeanor with experience as a GSR in an industry with equally high standards of their company's representatives.
    • An active listener who is consistently willing to go above and beyond and has an appreciation of fashion will find this a rewarding and challenging career.
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  • Delivery Concierge Driver (Austin & Houston)


    Responsible for sales of route service. Responsible for cold-calling potential guests, setting appointments, explaining services and closing the sales. Also drives the route, picking up and dropping of clothes as appropriate.


    • Provide quality guest service through regular interaction and communication with guests and store employees
    • Constantly attempt to Grow Sales in the area you service
    • Maintain your pre-established route system as well as prospect and grow your guest base with sales and service mentality
    • Drive guest retention by building relationship and creating guest loyalty
    • Load and unload garments from the company vehicle
    • Cooperate with co-workers and promotes a positive and productive working environment


    • Some experience in route sales is preferred, but we are looking for individuals who really care for serving his/her guests
    • Highly organized and demonstrate self- motivation and attention to details
    • Must possess excellent communication, positive attitude and willingness to provide great guest service
    • Ability to identify and meet guest’s needs and requirements
    • Passion for interacting in a positive and creative manner with guests and team members
    • High school diploma or GED
    • Computer operation experience
    • Ability to successfully complete MVR and background check is required
    • Able to lift up to 50 pounds safely
    • Dependable with strong work ethic


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  • Dry Cleaning And Laundry Production (Austin & Houston)


    1. Dry Cleaning Inspector
    2. Dry Cleaning Presser
    3. Dry Cleaner
    4. Laundry Inspector
    5. Laundry Washer
    6. Shirt Presser


    Inspect each garment following the inspection checklist. If the garment does not pass inspection because of poor pressing or spots, the inspector should return the garment to the redo area. Minor repairs such as replacing buttons or securing loose buttons are the responsibility of the inspector. Make sure the special instructions on the eye opener or replace tags have been followed. The inspector keeps the rings of each presser and count them at the end of each day. In some plants the inspector is also the bagger and should follow the procedures of the job description.


    • Work in an Air Conditioned Facility with the latest equipment
    • Know the basics of pressing and be able to adapt to the challenges of properly finishing new and seasonal fashion styles and fabrics
    • Accurately but efficiently iron and press clean articles by hand or by machine steam and vacuum
    • Learn the basic operations of pressing station(s) they will operate and the particulars of the items commonly pressed at that station
    • Follow all standards, procedures and practices
    • Inspect garments and apply finishes as needed (stain guard, wrinkle release, etc.)
    • Ensure that pressing equipment is working properly and well maintained
    • Participate in ongoing education and training


    • The Cleaner / Spotter will be responsible for the managing the dry cleaning and wet cleaning of all garments in our operation
    • Running dry cleaning and wet cleaning loads ensuring high quality of cleaning
    • Ensuring the overall production quality of garment cleaning
    • Maintaining work, maintenance & repair logs
    • Maintenance activities of all equipment as needed
    • Responsible for all stain removal and garments
    • Attention to detail and special guest instructions
    • Sorting of garments to proper stations throughout the plant
    • Managing loads to make sure Pressing Stations are not idle
    • Pressing of garments as required
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We can pick up and deliver to your home, business, or one of our numerous locker locations.

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Find a Location

We have locations throughout Houston and Austin.
Find the one nearest you.