Welcome to the holiday season, cranberry sauce stained your fabulous blouse, or gravy won't get out of your nice dinner jacket. The holidays are great for endless food options. However, with all of that delicious feasting, common stains are bound to occur.

You must act in a timely fashion when a stain happens. Stains that are left longer are much more difficult to remove. Everyone loves a juicy turkey and gravy on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Gravy stains on a brand new holiday sweater? Not so much. Luckily there are ways to get gravy stains out of clothes, and ways to get several other holiday items out of favorite garments as well. You expect some common stains on clothes to occur during holiday festivities, but check out the guide below and you'll be more than prepared to knock out whatever stains on clothes may occur this season. In addition, for a professional stain removal source check out Austin dry cleaners as well as Houston dry cleaners Tide Cleaners, stain removal all at once and without any hassle.

Turkey Juices and Fat

Whether you got a little stain on a sweater or carving a slick turkey resulted in it landing in your lap (hopefully not), there is a remedy for removing this common stain on clothes. Pretreat the garment with dish soap and soak it for about 30 minutes in the hottest temperature possible, then air dry the garment.

Get Off the Gravy Train

How to get thick gravy stains out clothes isn't as difficult as it sounds. As soon as the spill and stain occurs, very quickly wipe the stain and add spot remover. Next, soak the garment overnight in a washing machine with enzyme detergent and bleach that is fabric safe. The garment should be washed in the hottest water possible and dried normally. This process is effective at getting gravy stains out of clothes.

Paula Dean May Say Butter Makes Everything Better, but Not Your Clothes

Butter will definitely be present at holiday dinners. From rolls to mashed potatoes and more, a butter stain is highly likely to occur. To get some butter that may have wiped off on a shirt from some delectable crescent rolls, sprinkle salt on the stain and let it sit. Use spot removers or liquid soap to wash the garment in hot water and dry regularly. This will do the trick in removing this common stain on clothes.

Cranberry Should Only Be A Shade of Red

Took too large of a scoop of cranberry sauce that ended up in your lap? Not to worry. Take the clothing item and, under cold water, rinse the clothing for about 1 minute. Let the item soak for 15 minutes with one tbsp. of liquid laundry soap and white vinegar. After this, blot the item with rubbing alcohol and cloth.

Eggnog Explosion?

No shame in spilling this holiday classic on clothing. When this type of stain occurs, blot the stain with a cloth and soak the garment for 30 minutes in very cold water with a minimal amount of enzyme detergent. Next, wash garment regularly.

Wine Indulgence

Wine is a common stain on clothes, especially around the holidays. If you over indulged in a nice Cabernet or other red wine, immediately pour boiling water on the stain. If white wine was your choice, pour cold water on the stain and blot, do not rub. Then air dry the garment.

Pumpkin Pie Is Best In the Pan, Not On You

Over indulged in this holiday classic and left some of the remnants on your favorite holiday sweater? A pumpkin pie stain remedy can be found by combining 1 cup of cold water with 1 tbsp. of white vinegar and liquid laundry soap. Next, soak the garment for about 15 minutes, rinse with cold water and then air dry.

Stains are bound to happen this holiday season. However, follow these stain removal tips and tricks and your favorite Santa sweater will be saved from any permanent damage. For professional stain removal and laundry services in Houston and Austin, contact Tide Cleaners.