If you're not an Tide Cleaners guest, you may pick up your dry cleaning and notice, or rather smell, something that's a little off. That unique "dry clean" smell is unfortunately a common side effect of a lack of non-toxic dry cleaning practices. Tide Cleaners will not leave this distinct dry cleaning smell, but rather no odor other than that of freshly cleaned garments.

If it's Not Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning, What Is It?

The reason why most other dry cleaning leaves a distinct odor is because of Perc. Perc is a petrochemical that removes soil and dirt from clothing. This sounds great at first, but perc acts aggressively to remove both the bad and the good, dissolving everything in its path. It beats up the fabric in garments and then leaves the "dry clean" smell behind. In addition to leaving behind a less than savory smell, Perc can have serious health and environmental effects. Perc has been linked to increased risks of certain types of cancer including cervical and esophageal cancer, reduced fertility, ear, nose, throat and skin irritations and more. According to the EPA, Perc also disintegrates into other chemicals that pollute the air and groundwater and diminishes the ozone layer.

The Non-Toxic Difference

On the other hand, in non-toxic dry cleaning methods, such as GreenEarth used by Tide Cleaners, Perc is nowhere to be found. Instead, this form of environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning employs pure liquid silicone to remove dirt and other stains. Your dry cleaners in Austin and Houston exclusively use this method. The liquid silicone suspends the dirt and gently carries it away without damaging fabric.

Advantages of cleaning with pure liquid silicone:

  • Look newer for a longer period of time
  • Whites do not turn yellow
  • Wools do not look as worn out
  • No garment shrinkage
  • No foul odor

The liquefied silicone used at Tide Cleaners does not discriminate with various fabrics either. This product loves sequins and silk alike, as well as couture and cashmere, gently removing all of the dirt from your most delicate garments.

When washing clothes at home, there a few things you can do to be more eco-friendly and minimize the number of resources used in loads of laundry. Some of these tips include:

  • Minimize small loads. If you have multiple small loads, wait until you have a full load.
  • If you absolutely have to wash a small load of laundry, adjust the water level accordingly.
  • Avoid keeping the dryer in a cold area of your home. It works a lot less efficiently.
  • Check the lint filter in the dyer after a load of laundry and empty it for optimal efficiency and air circulation.
  • Avoid overloading your washer; clothes need to be able to move to get fully clean.

Practicing non-toxic dry cleaning habits goes a long way, not only for your clothes but also your overall health and the community. Tide Cleaners uses environmental cleaning products to leave you and your clothes looking their best. You may be asking yourself, where are there environmentally aware dry cleaners near me? Visit our website home page to begin caring for your clothes, finding leather alterations and more dry cleaning services.